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A vertical temperature-controlled heat cycle laying hen breeding house consisting of a brooding house and its ancillary buildings, a vertical chick cage, a temperature-controlled circulating heating device, a ventilation and ventilation device, a humidity control device and a light control device . The brooding house and its ancillary buildings integrate brooding houses and work space, which greatly reduces the infection rate of chicks. The temperature-controlled circulating heating device uses hot water circulation...
Automatic brooders are designed to international standards. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the air is circulating.
Made of galvanized steel. Open the housing structure for easy control and maintenance. Modular structure, easy to disassemble.
Product Details
Origin: Mainland China.
Egg collection: automatic.
Model: double-sided or single-sided.
Installation method: in the middle or hanging on the side wall.
Size: 2 m / set.
Uses: For: breeders or layers.
Other sizes: custom made.