Steel Structure (Industrial Uses)
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Weizheng group is engaged in the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structure buildings. It has three steel structure production lines and produces 18,000 tons of steel structure annually. Steel structure produced by weizhengheng group is mainly used for steel structure workshop/warehouse; Steel bridge. Steel structure construction and other projects. So far, the projects undertaken by our company include industrial cold room, livestock farm, high-rise steel structure hotel, residential buildings, schools and so on

Hailin and Muling tobacco factory project
Harbin measuring tool group workshop project
Harbin Boiler Plant Phase II Factory Building Project
Hailin and Muling tobacco plant project effect diagram 1.
Hailin and Muling Tobacco Factory Project partial effect diagram 2.
Hailin and Muling Tobacco Factory Project partial effect diagram 3.
Russian Grain processing Base of Suifen River in Heilongjiang Province
Equipment Manufacturing Base of Harbin Railway Administration
Harbin comprehensive bonded area standardized warehouse - D warehouse project.
A Cheng Hongwei Glass Factory Project

Shenyang passenger station project.
Zhongguan Iron Mine Project
Company group engineering
Three brothers industry co., Ltd. Project
Songjiang Electric Machinery Project
Lang Ger project
Songjiang Power Station military products Workshop
Harbin sewage treatment Plant Project
Packing and Transportation
Haoyue Group Project