About Us / Company Introduction
Heibei Weizhengheng Modular House Technology CO.,LTD is affiliated to WZH Housing Technology Group. The company is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. The company is committed to providing one-stop solutions for the design, sales, production, and installation of modular houses. It includes light steel villas, container houses, large span steel frame workshop, easy houses and intelligent breeding systems. Our factory is located in Luancheng district, Shijiazhuang city, which equip internationally advanced New Zealand automatic production line and covers an area of 48,000 sq.m.

Management mode

Business philosophy

Housing construction changes to housing manufacturing, industrial parts production, on-site assembly.

The pursuit of quality, excellence.

Focus on design and development, according to market demand, keep research and development as the focus, in order to improve the assembly rate and assembly method innovation.

Expandable Container House

Focus on design and development, continuous research and development

Focus on development

According to the market conditions,

Designed to improve assembly speed and

Assembly mode innovation

Expandable Container House

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