Weizheng group is engaged in the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structure buildings. It has three steel structure production lines and produces 18,000 tons of steel structure annually. Steel structure produced by weizhengheng group is mainly used for steel structure workshop/warehouse; Steel bridge .Steel structure construction and other projects. So far, the projects undertaken by our company include industrial cold room, livestock farm, high-rise steel structure hotel, residential buildings, schools and so on.

High-Rise Frame Structure

Design Ability

WZH frame structure system consists of steel columns, steel beams, joints and supports. The types can be divided into column system, pure frame system and frame support system. Our design team can also design according to customers' requirements.

Multi-Story Frame Structure System

Multi-story frame structure is a new type of building structure structure system,it's connected with H,C,Z,U steel components, combined into the main body structure; With all sorts of plank as the roof and wall, match with artifacts, door to wait to form a complete building system.
Frame structure is mainly used in school,hospital, shopping mall,residential and exhibitionhall,etc.

Steel Strucutre Bridge System

Steel is widely used around the world for theconstruction of bridges. It is a versatile and effective material that provides efficient and sustainable solutions. Steel has long been recognized as the economic option for a range of bridges. It dominates themarkets for long span bridges, railway bridges, footbridges, and medium span highway bridges.

Grid Structure System

Gird structure is constituted by pipe, tube and steel section welded. It's suitable to big span buildings, like airports, storages, stadiums, stations, etc. The gird structure can span 150m.

Portal Frame Steel Structure Warehouse/Workshop

Light steel structure building is a new type of building structure system,which is formed linking up H section,Z section,C section or U section steel components,roof and walls using avariety of panels and other components such as windows,doors,crances,etc.Light steel structure building is widely used as warehouses,workshops,large factories...etc.

Portal Frame Steel Structure Warehouse/Workshop

Package & Loading

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