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Light steel villa is consisted by structure system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roofing system, each system is composed by several modular units, customers only need assembly work in site, because all the modular units are prefabricated in the factory. This realized factory prefabrication of components and house on-site assembling, which is a kind of integrated and mature housing system and also will be the development direction of future residential construction. This is an architectural form derived from the art structure in North America. Its main load-bearing structure is cold-formed thin-walled steel with a thickness of only 0.8-1.6mm, also known as (super) light steel residence. In 2002, Weizhengheng took the lead in entering the light steel residential area in mainland of China, and participated in the earliest large scale light steel villa project -- Dalian Fengqiao Park. Years of development, Weizhengheng has a full set of European imports of light steel residential design and manufacturing system. Combined with professional design and manufacturing team which has many years practical experience, formed the collection project plan, design, processing, installation and after-sale in one of the Weizhengheng light steel housing system.

1Environmental Friendly:Dry construction, on waste and no pollution

2Fireproof:100%Fireproof Building Materials

3Lightweight:Self-weight is only 1/4 of brick-concrete structure

4Recycle:90% materials can be recycled

5Save time &Money:Work on site is simply fabricating job

6Strength & Durability:Earthquake-proof and 70 years life span