Weizhengheng easy house system is a kind of detachable, removable, reusable and unitized industrial building product by taking light steel as the skeleton and sandwich plate or color steel sheet as the enclosures material to make spatial organization based on the standard module, and using the bolt, nails, rivets to connect the relative components.

Main Products / Eazy House

Garden shed solution
Portable Liosk Solution
Residence house solution
Camping house solution
Toilet solution


Garden tool sheds

Garden sheds and Parking sheds, providing a comfortable house for your tools and cars.

Security guard house

The guard booth

cold room

Portable kiosk solution Security guard house, cold rooms, portable kiosk,  you need them everywhere

Residential prefab house Tiny house, mini trailer house, 3 bedrooms with salon, more than 100 cases for you.

Camping House

K type, T type, the cheapest house in the world, the most popular house on the construction site.

Toilet Solution

The construction cost is low and the construction period is short. It can be put into use in about one month. The construction of civil toilets is generally 3 to 6 months.