A constituent tool for carrying or unpacked goods and facilitating the handling of mechanical equipment.Now the container has a lot of derivatives, our company's products a wide range of new style, and specialized research and development team, including packaging boxes, push-pull boxes, shipping boxes and so on.

Ability to design

The company has set up a special design department to provide customers with services from program consultation to project implementation. Mature project node and system design documents can guarantee the overall quality of the project; Highlight individual design scheme, more able to meet the diverse architectural needs of customers. Over the years, the company has accumulated rich experience in engineering design, trained a group of excellent professional constraint personnel, and completed many influential projects in China. The company invests a lot of manpower and material resources every year, devote to the research and development of new products and the application of new technology, to ensure the leading edge of technology.

The United Nations register suppliers

Authoritative certification at home and abroad

Environment mark product

The European CE certification authority

National certification of fire green environmental protection building materials

State combustion

The international ISO9001 quatity certification

Certificate of authority

Project management ability

The company undertakes hundreds of projects every year, from design, raw material procurement, production and processing, transportation to site management and other aspects of monitoring. With the project department composed of business manager, project manager and engineering technical personnel as the management core, leading the professional construction team, establishing strict organizational structure according to the level, implementing comprehensive control and management of project quality, safety and duration, and communicating with customers, design institute, supervision, quality inspection and other personnel. Keep an eye on customer needs. Depending on the outstanding comprehensive supporting ability and coordination ability, the company successfully completed each project.

The main structure adopts patent profile, the surface is galvanized and sprayed with special Marine paint, which can meet the requirements of long-distance transportation at sea and guarantee the service life of 30 years in the humid environment.

The corner of the container is customized with high quality steel plate to meet the requirements of lifting and can be locked with ISO shipping containers

Insulation using Germany basf the latest patent Neopor EPS material, the indicators reached the European standards

Patented design: 90% factory prefabricated, including doors and Windows prefabricated in the wall, ceiling floor decoration completed, electrical system embedded.Site work content is less, the installation of a 15-square-meter box, three workers only need one day to complete.

Infinite splicing: the box is completely standard modular design, which can be linked up in the long direction and short direction to form a large open space in the interior. The box can be stacked and linked by professional container locks, and the strength meets the requirements of structural design and calculation.

In addition to the 26 basic components of each box, we also derived the design of outdoor platform, railings, stairs and other standardized components.All components can be connected to the box to meet various combination requirements.


About the assembly of standardized modular packing

Designed for ease of movement. A the dimensions of each standard module are 6055mm long and 2435mm wide.Land transport will not be too long or too wide.B. plate-type folding design, 4 individual units can be packaged into a 20-foot LSO shipping container, which can be directly used as a free container for Marine transportation.C. The container corner is made with reference to the container corner of LSO shipping container, which can be used as the lifting point.D. Forklift hole is arranged in the bottom frame, which can be moved by forklift.

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