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WZH Group adopts internationally advanced New Zealand automatic production line, equips excellent production site management; First-class production technology; high-quality production team and professional on-site processing services. Meanwhile, WZH got the national ISO9001 quality certification system.
WZH Group takes the lead in introducing TPM production management mode in the industry to build landscape factory. The Group spare no effort to train the expert-level operators and maintenance workers, adopts Zero disaster management system and SOP-Standard operating procedures. In 2014, the Group won the Challenge World Award of Excellence.
WZH Group has a professional high quality technical and project management team, to provide customers with comprehensive project advice, personalized design and technical guidance. From project design at the early stage to project management, WZH will provide customers with the best building solutions through its own professional technical channels.
WZH Group attaches keep an eye on the development of its own scientific research ability and create a good environment for the continuous improvement of scientific research ability. Until now, WZH Group has won 7 utility model patent certificates in the aspect of housing structure. Meanwhile, the Group is still making continuous efforts in the use of new materials, research and development of new products and innovation of new technologies.
WZH Group has set up an independent quality guarantee center, which is mainly engaged in material inspection, accessory material inspection, product inspection, technological examination and laboratory inspection. WZH adopts the active inspection mode to track and control the whole production process and strictly check the incoming materials. The advanced experimental equipment and international standard inspection procedures ensure the accuracy and specification of the experimental data. This will promote the improvement of product quality.
1、Advanced Manufacturing Capacity
3、Professional Technical Capacity
4、High-level R&D Capacity
5、Independent Quality Control Center
2、Excellent TPM Production Management
WZH Group has 8 subsidiaries, four plants and over 1000 employees. The Group has a global market presence. In the domestic market, WZH Group participated in scenic spot construction, heavy-steel building and bridge projects; In foreign markets, WZH Group has participated in housing construction projects, hotel projects, real estate projects, camp projects and commercial container housing projects.
Market Layout
WZH-The power to influence the world
WZH Group has more than 10 years of export experience. The annual export trade value has reached 25 million US dollars. You may find our customers from Russia, Australia, Singapore, USA, Sweden, Ireland, UAE, Ghana, Turkmenistan, New Zealand, Chile, Colombia etc.

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