• Steel Structure
Steel Structure
Steel structure can bear and transmit load, and it is consisted of steel plate and hot-dipped, cold bend or welded profiled parts, which are connected by adapting pieces.
  • Prefabricated House
Prefabricated House
Light steel as frame, sandwich panel as envelop system material, standard modular as spatial organization, color steel prefabricated house is connected by bolt and environmental friendly.
  • Steel Sheet
Steel Sheet
The roofing sheet includes prepainted corrugated sheet,GI/GL corrugated sheet,PVC /FRP sheet . The width is from:665mm to 1090mm. Thickness is from:0.18mm to 0.6mm. Length is from:1m to 11.8m. Has the advantage of:waterproof,fireproof, anticorrosion,light weight,lower cost.
  • Sandwich Panel
Sandwich Panel
Sandwich panel: EPS(foam), Rockwool, Glass fiber and PU sandwich panel all work as roof and wall cladding material, with the performance of heat-insulation, fire resistance, easy-installation and artistic beauty.
  • Steel Coil
Steel Coil
Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Coil is made by cold rolled steel sheet, then through chormated, unoiled, various spangles and hot dipped; PPGI/PPGL steel coil is made by GI/GL, coated with organic fluorine resin, which has good appearance of anticorrosion. The thickness is from 0.15mm to 1.2mm, width 700mm-1250mm
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